Sutton Cleans Up After Devastating Storm

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SUTTON, Neb.-- It happened quickly, said Sutton resident Jackie Barker, as she talked on the phone with a girlfriend and looked out her now broken window.

"I said, 'the clouds are getting weird, the high ones are going one way and the lower ones are going another way,'" said Barker.

From there, she ran to the basement. She describes the ordeal as "terrifying."

"I heard everything crashing, grabbed my purse, found one of my cats...I was scared to death," she said.

Jackie was one of just hundreds of residents who ventured outside the day after a severe storm ripped through Sutton. Some residents say it's the worst storm they've experienced in years.

"It's just really sad," said long-time resident Tessa Fielder. "As someone who has lived here a long time, it's sad to see our whole Main Street wiped out."

But as neighbors help neighbors, they say they know they'll get through a tragedy that could have been much worse.

"Sutton is a very helpful community," said Fielder. "They've really pulled together."