Syracuse United Methodist Church Raises Money To Rebuild

Courtesy: 10/11 Viewer, Patty
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Syracuse,Neb. This past January, a fire reduced the Syracuse United Methodist Church to a pile of rubble. As one of the largest and oldest buildings in the town, it was tough for members to keep their spirits high.

After raising money to take a cruise together, Patsy Tischofer and her three sisters decided to use the money instead, to bring a local country star named Ty Herndon to town for a concert.

Members of the community were invited to come and enjoy music and if at all possible, donate freely to the church at the event.
Tischofer says when she talked to the country star she said,"Can we do this and they said yes. They've been so generous to offer this up to people."

And their idea worked because eighty people came to offer donations, as well as support, to members of this church as those members enjoyed a well deserved evening.

Pastor Gage Ganger was excited for the evenings festivities because he knows how hard this has all been for many in his community. "For people who have been here for five generations, this has been very very hard, but we've really gone through it together," said Ganger.

The trio of sisters who planned this say that the best part about their idea: they get to share a country artist they love - with the people they love.

And that country star Ty Herndon says he knows that he's making a difference as well. "This reminds me of my little church in Alabama. It's really awesome being here tonight, " said Herndon.

Pastor Gary Ganger also told 10/11 how proud he is that many of the people who attended tonight weren't even members of their church - but just supporters. It's yet another example to him of just how strong the Syracuse community is.

While the church has plans to rebuild, as of now, there is no timeline for when that will begin.