TV Series Could Be Filmed in Lincoln

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Lincoln, NE-- A producer originally from Lincoln and has lived all over the world is coming back home.

Executive producer Alan sands hopes to launch his idea, a TV series based on the lives on inn keepers and guest at a bed and breakfast in Lincoln. It's called-- "The Rodgers House."

"The timing is right for a series like this to be shot in Lincoln and also Nebraska and the Midwest, to show Midwestern values that really are not being shown in Hollywood," said Sands.

Sands also says that Hollywood often portrays the Midwest in a negative light.

"Living in other parts of county and world, a lot of people I think have wrong impressions of Nebraska," said Sands.

To show people what really happens in Nebraska, Sands said, "I connect actually through my inn keepers and my characters where they're from...obviously we will film where they're from --so the cameras will go into small town Nebraska and show the small town Nebraska for what it truly is."

According to the Department of Economic Development, with the recent movie, "Nebraska," bringing in 1.5 million dollars in revenue to the state, Senator Colby Coash is on board.

"When a guy like Alexander Pane comes in with a crew and hires locally and spend as much time and resources in this sate-- that's an economic boom in the community. You ask business leaders in Norfolk and they'll tell you it's a good thing," said Coash.

When a similar opportunity comes its way to Lincoln, Coash, who introduced legislation to draw movie-makers to Nebraska, says he sees a good future.

"What this project is going to do-- it's going to be an ongoing infusion of resources right here in the community, right here in the heart of you know, I'm happy to support it," said Coash.

And what Alan Sands hopes to do is change people's perspectives.

"What a production like this can do for Nebraska, not only monetary, but also for tourism -- and to really show the country and even the world, what were made of back here," said Sands.