Taking Your Beer From the Bar To Go?

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If you've ever bellied up to the bar and wanted to finish the rest of your beer at home, you could soon be able to do that.

It's something bar and restaurant customers already do with wine: order it, drink some and take the rest home.

Now, if one senator has his way, new legislation could have beer drinkers doing the same.

"The idea has expanded that craft beer is becoming more mainstream, more desirable," said Brent Somyer, a representative from Senator Scott Lautenbaugh's office.

If you're a beer drinker, you've probably heard of "growlers." They're jugs of beer poured, sealed and sold like off-sale liquor.

Right not, their sale is only legal at brew pubs like Lazlo's and Granite City.

But, the new legislation would allow that at your neighborhood bar.

It's a possible customer draw that some in the industry are all for.

"Maybe that will bring them in more," Watering Hole server Adam Grote said. "They'll have a few more drinks here, have some more of our famous wings and then take that to go as well. So, it just bumps up the price point even more."

The proposal is not intended Bud or Miller Lite or similar beers.

It's geared toward higher end beers and craft brews that can't be found in bottles or cans.

One brewer said, he's not in favor.

"A Class A or C retailer would fill a growler with our business identity on it with a product from another source. In case of an alcohol related incident in which the bottles could become legal evidence, we don't wish to be wrongly implicated," Ploughshare Brewing Company owner Matt Stinchfield said.

For now, he doesn't have to worry.

Much of the talk at Monday's hearing geared toward an interim study before busting out the bottles.