Team Jack Shirts Go Global

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Husker Headquarters can barely keep the t-shirts available online. 65% of this past weekend's Team Jack sales came from instate. But it's the other 35% that's making people talk

"They have just exploded. I'm going to say 30 states have ordered them. California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas and everywhere in between," said Blaine Braziel, Husker Headquarters Marketing Manager.

Even if they aren't buying, they're interested in learning more about the little boy Husker Nation is rooting for.

"We have the ability to see what the customers are searching for. Team Jack is always at the top of the daily search. Right now it's just a little under 1,000 searches," Braziel said.

One Oklahoma State student didn't have to search far. She's also from Atkinson and is using those ties to spread the word on her campus.

"It's my home, it's dear to my heart. I really wanted to get involved and wanted my leadership class to as well," Kayla Ratliff said.

Ratliff brought Jack's story to the OSU President's Leadership Council and 50 members signed up for a shirt.

"Everyone was just really excited about. It's awesome to see how everyone came together for a little boy they don't even know," Ratliff said.

Lots of others who don't know Jack are sporting the t-shirt everywhere they go from different countries to game shows.