Andy Hoffman Describes Boston Marathon as "26 Mile Tunnel Walk"

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BOSTON -- The Team Jack Foundation represented 26 families that are battling pediatric brain cancer in the Boston Marathon Monday.

Andy Hoffman said he dedicated his run to children affected by pediatric brain cancer. All funds will go to Jack's Pediatric Neurosurgery Research Project at Boston Children's Hospital. Team Jack posted every name on its Facebook and Twitter pages, encouraging people to donate to brain cancer research. Andy said each of the kids was with him every step of the race.

"Every mile is clearly marked on the Boston Marathon and I'd pull my list out and I'd take a look and OK, mile 6, here it is, and think about that child and then the next child, so really they were with me the on the run," said Hoffman.

He described the marathon as a 26 mile tunnel walk.

While in Boston, Andy's son, Jack, has a doctor's appointment at Boston Children's Hospital to make sure he's still in remission.