Technology Fair Emphasizes Importance of Broadband: Warns of Hackers

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A technology fair in North Platte emphasized the importance of access to broadband internet, but experts also made people aware of how easy it is for hackers to turn your computer against you using the internet.

The internet opens up a world of resources for the user with a click of a mouse and a stroke of the keyboard.

"It's a make or break for business now a days," said North Platte Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Dan Mauk.

The Broadband Technology Fair, which took place in North Platte Wednesday, is part of the Nebraska Broadband Initiative.
One emphasis is to make broadband more accessible to people in the state.

"There are a lot of small phone companies that are taking fiber to the homes clear out into the country side," said Nebraska Public Service Commissioner Gerald Vap.

People in rural areas are now able to access the internet at faster speeds, but that same resource can also be used against you by hackers.

"Even by going to reputable websites it just happens," said UNL Senior Information Security Analyst Cheryl O'Dell.

O'Dell says from there the hacker can gain access to your computer. They can even spy on you.

"They might turn on your computer web cam remotely and watch what you are doing take pictures of you. Yeah it can all happen," said O'Dell.

In an effort to protect yourself update your anti virus software. Also look for rootkit removal software because experts at the Technology Fair say going without the internet is not good for business.

"The internet is now the force in dominant in American business and actually world wide business," said Mauk.