Tecumseh Parents in Shock Following Accusations

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Tecumseh, Neb.-- "Shock, absolute shock."

That's what Pat Mckinney, the grandparent of a Johnson County Public School student, said regarding the accusations of a teacher and student relationship.

"I couldn't believe it."

Mckinney has lived in Tecumseh, Neb., for nearly 40 years, and also sent her children to the schools years ago.

"Children at this age are easily manipulated," Johnson said, "and easily led into doing something."

Both Mckinney and another school parent, Carolyn Justus, said they heard about the accusations first in the news, and felt like they should have heard from the school first. But, they also applauded the schools' superintendent - Jack Moles - for the work he has done over the last several years for the schools.

A probable cause affidavit released Wednesday said sexual contact between 24-year-old Carrie Miller, and the then 15-year-old male student in the fall of 2012, occurred anywhere from 50-to-60 times.

The court documents also claim several instances of inappropriate text messaging and graphic photos shared between the two.

Many instances of the contact potentially occurred in Nemaha County, where Miller also faces charges.

Several parents 10/11 spoke with said Miller is innocent until proven guilty, and expressed that they're keeping an open mind until the case is resolved.

Miller will be back in front of a judge Feb. 26 and has yet to be officially charged.

"You never know in a small community that something like this is going to happen," Mckinney said.