Teen Arrested for Bringing Gun to School

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A 15-year-old Norris Middle School student has been arrested for allegedly bringing a firearm to school. No one was injured.

Police say that the School Resource Officer at Norris was told by an administrator about a report that a student had brought a handgun to school last Friday, April 18.

No threats were made. The weapon was not fired.

Police say a handgun and ammunition were recovered in the investigation.

The student was arrested for Minor in Possession of a Firearm and police say the investigation is ongoing.

The following message from Principal Ruben Cano was sent to parents and offered by the Omaha Public School District as its official statement on the matter:

Dear Norris Middle School Parents and Guardians:

We wanted you to be aware of an incident that occurred at school recently.

Two Norris students were found to have been in possession of a firearm on school property. The students made no threats. No shots were ever fired. Police confiscated the firearm off school property and are conducting an investigation.

We want to stress that Norris students remained safe throughout this situation.

Please be assured that the safety of students, faculty, and staff is always a top priority at Norris. We appreciate your continued support in encouraging your children to make appropriate and safe decisions – and to report anything suspicious to a trusted adult.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 402-557-4805.

Note that the police information references one student while the letter from the school references two students. Neither police nor the Omaha Public School District have offered clarification of the discrepancy.