Tensions Run High at Hall County Board of Supervisors Meeting

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Tensions were high Tuesday when discussing the County Weed Board and committee meetings, but before that there was an agreement to withdraw the proposal to buy a building from the city that would have acted as a temporary courthouse.

The $600,000 bid was taken back after they found the building would have issues serving as a courthouse.

"We found that there's a 1 inch water main that goes into the building," said Pamela Lancaster, the Vice Chair of the Board of Supervisor. "It would not work for a temporary courthouse because when courts are going on we can have as many as 500 people go in and out of that courthouse."

Grand Island will learn of the new resolution at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

Things were calm until the board started to argue over the dissolvement of the Weed Board, that's when Gary Quandt withdrew his motion.

Quandt said, "The majority of the board felt to give the Weed Authority a little bit of time to correct some of the things that we've had questions about and we still left the option open of putting it on the November ballot."

But tensions rose even higher when Scott Arnold motioned to keep the issue off any ballot this year. That motion failed 3-4.

Arnold said, "His motion, had he not withdrawn it, would have failed. My intent by making my motion was trying to get the same effect that we don't keep rehashing this issues that's controversial. We just keep it open, and it seems to suit Mr. Quandt because he likes the attention, but I feel that it's detrimental to the business of Hall County."

Then the true drama began on the topic of county committee meetings being required to take place in front of the board of supervisors.

"The public doesn't want to know the minutia of our business, that's not what it's about. They want to know what's going to affect them. And we don't get as good a product. When I have somebody sit down here to address the board, I'm always amazed at the nervousness of the presenter," said Arnold.

After a long, heated discussion, they decided to wait until the next meeting to make a decision.

"One or 2 of the board members felt that I should come forward with some type of a structure, and I'll be doing that in the next few weeks and we'll proceed from there with consolidating the committees where it's a committee of the whole where all 7 board members are going to know what's going on," said Quandt.

Supervisor Stephen Schuppan even added if the committee meeting motion is passed, don't expect him to be there Tuesday afternoons.