"The Night of the Twisters"

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Tuesday marked the 34th anniversary of the tornado outbreak in Grand Island. A day, when the city, again, faced a severe weather threat.

Over a span of three hours on the evening of June 3, 1980, seven tornadoes touched down in or near the city, killing five people and injuring 200. Officials say that tornado warnings allowed people to get to safety in time, preventing what could have been a much higher death toll.

The disaster wiped out whole sections of the city's southern business district and hundreds of homes and structures. Much of the debris that was left by those tornadoes was placed in a landfill that now forms Tornado Hill, a popular spot in Grand Island today.

In the total outbreak that spanned across several states in 2 days, 15 tornadoes were reported, and one more person died in Indiana.

10/11 was able to find file video from "The Night of the Twisters," (you can see that in the attached video), and the photos are courtesy of Ken Dewey from the School of Natural Resources at UNL.