Psychologist: "Play Powerball Logically" Why Some Buy On Impulse

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Folks are psyching themselves up to win the historic $550-million Powerball jackpot for Wednesday night's drawing.

One psychologist says people can get in trouble if they don't play logically.

At Snac Shac in Grand Island, Powerball tickets are selling by the minute, and players are buying more than just one at a time.

"Ten, twenty, someone bought a hundred dollars worth so it's been interesting," said Snac Shac employee Lakia Mcintosh

The odds are not in your favor about one in 175-million, but there's always a chance of winning - it's that chance some people try to cash in on!

"Because they think that way and they believe they can be that lucky person then they can't buy enough tickets is usually the situation," said Psychologist Dr. Jerry Denton.

Denton says the person addicted to buying tickets will keep going back for more.

He says it's the fantasy of winning big, that triggers their buying.

"Kind of the impulsive that follows the fantasy that keeps them thinking if I just buy another one or another one, I'm increasing my chances and one of these could be the lucky one," said Denton.

While many people want to be the lucky winner, some are not splurging on tickets.

"I'm more logical, I don't spend money on that," said Grand Island resident Yazmin Roa.

"I don't play because I think the odds are too great, I like to lose my money on something where I at least feel like I have a chance," said Grand Island resident Jon Placke.

Meanwhile, Doctor Denton says for the logical person buying a ticket is more about covering their basis.