Thefts Continue to Mount in Lancaster County

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Some alter egos and sticky fingers lead to more thefts in rural Lancaster County. Deputies continue their search for the suspect.

The latest rash happened near South 98th and Van Dorn. Investigators say the thieves are getting bolder.

Tuesday afternoon, Sheriff Terry Wagner says someone got into an unlocked home, stealing electronics and cash. A short time before that, a neighbor reported a black man walking to his house and offering to clean carpets. Investigators suspect the man was casing the neighborhood.

A similar situation happened last Friday. A woman reported a man wearing a Dish TV shirt walked into her home, when she asked for credentials, he left.

These are just two cases of the several deputies are investigating. Cars in the Malcolm area were targeted over the weekend as well as storage facilities.

It's also a good reminder that crime can happen anywhere. Wagner says, "Watch out for strange people in the neighborhood and let us know who that might be. The people on 98th Street talked amongst themselves, but never called police. I urge people to go with those feelings, give us a call so we can locate somebody and stop this rash of burglaries."

Investigators don't know if these cases are related. If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.