Thieves Target E-Cigarette Stores

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Thieves have a new target.
For years cigarettes have been a hot commodity. Now electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation, becoming more and more popular, not just with customers.

"We used to see this all the time at gas stations. People would break the glass, take cartons of cigarettes. Same for smoke shops, break the glass, take cartons and leave. This is the new thing we're going to see," says Officer Erin Spilker.

Two E-cig stores have already been hit in March. The first was at GNS Vapor near 56th and Holdrege March 3rd. Someone broke the front glass at 2:30 in the morning, then smashed display cases stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.
Just 11 days later thieves hit Lincoln Vapor at 40th and O at 3 in the morning. The thieves smashed through the front door and destroyed the counters before taking thousands in equipment.

The owners of both stores say they are planning on beefing up security. They didn't necessarily see the tend coming, but they want to be ready if it continues.

Police don't have any suspects yet, if you have information call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.