Thousands Of Eggs Dropped At Seacrest Park

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Candy and plastic jewelry is what had hundreds of Lincoln children bouncing up and down as they waited to go after one of the 23,000 eggs dropped from a helicopter on Sunday afternoon at Seacrest Park.

Sami Keller says she waited all morning to fill her bag full of candy eggs and she was happy with her reward. "It's awesome and I will definitely be coming here next year," said Keller.

It took volunteers at Elevate Church weeks to plan the helicopter egg drop and they spent thousands of dollars on eggs.

Pastor Mike Wooten says it couldn't have been possible without some special help - a volunteer who owned a helicopter.

"To rent a helicopter, was going to be over $3,500 and the Lord blessed us with this man and his generosity," said Wooten.

The volunteer who flies the helicopter as well as church volunteers have put this together for the last four years and they say they know how much happiness the free event brings to the people in Lincoln.

"We just do this - put our time, money and effort just to tell Lincoln, "hey Elevate Church loves you, Jesus loves you and we just want to bless you no strings attached," said Wooten.

And it's something volunteers say they'll continue to do again- especially since the event captures the heart of Lincoln children every time.

"I'm just amazed the kids stayed behind the little yellow ribbon until they were told to come out. That is a miracle," said Wooten.

The man who flies the helicopter has volunteered for the last five years - but since he wants to remain anonymous only the pastor knows who he actually is and Wooten did say that while they've tried to pay the mystery man, he never accepts compensation.