Thousands Attend The 7th Annual Dinosaurs & Disasters Exhibit

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Dinosaurs and disasters is the biggest event of the year for Morrill Hall. This year, over 2300 people came.

"This was an event that was originally organized by the graduate students in the earth and atmospheric sciences department. And they're very enthusiastic about taking their science out to the public," says Mary Anne Holmes, who works in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department at UNL.

The dinosaurs and disasters theme originated because of world wide events, such as the tsunami in 2005 and the New Orleans Katrina disaster.

In addition to learning about ancient dinosaurs and woolly mammoths, kids also learned how the weather effects our world.

Andria Hagge took her daughter to the museum.

"It was exciting because they had a lot of activities around, and they had those bottles with the tornado, that they showed them. And she did some decorations," says Hagge.

Kids had the chance to see how tornado's worked, how fossils are made, and they even have the opportunity to try their hand at being television weather casters.

For Mary Anne Holmes, it was exciting seeing that many young people exposed to science.

"It gets them excited about the planet they live on. And it gets them interested in learning about how the planet works. And that's pretty important we think because if you want to know how to live on it well, you need to know how it works," says Holmes.