Update: Police Identify Suspect in W.S.I. Hall Shooting, Stabbing

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Lincoln Police issued a warrant of first degree assault for 24-year-old James "Kim" Gatluak. Police believe Gatluak is somehow connected to the shooting and stabbing at the WSI Hall on December 26, 2012.

Lincoln Police already arrested a Pleasant Dale man for assault.

Police took 19-year-old Ater Mapieu into custody for 1st degree assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

According to police, on December 26, three men were attacked outside the W.S.I. Hall at 1430 North 10th Street. Police said 25-year-old Majok Riak was shot multiple times. Two 20-year-old men, Dian Domach and Ruachkuoth Thok, were stabbed with a sword. They all went into surgery at Bryan West.

Police say Mapieu is the swordsman.

"One of the victims identified Ater Mapieu as the man who stabbed him," said Katie Flood, Lincoln Police Officer. "The sword, described as three-feet in length, was recovered at the scene."

Witnesses say there were members of rival gangs at the holiday party. All three victims have a long criminal history.

Police are still looking for the man with the gun. They have not identified him at this point.

Call Crimestoppers at 475-3600 with any information.

25-year-old Majok Riak was shot multiple times.
20-year-old Ruachkuoth Thok was stabbed
20-year-old Dian Domach was stabbed

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