Three Injured in Chemical Incident at Walmart in McCook

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McCook, Nebraska Three people, including a McCook police officer, were hospitalized after a man, who was reportedly irate, mixed bleach and ammonia and poured it on the floor at the Walmart in McCook, 1900 West B Street on Sunday afternoon.

According to McCook police and fire officials, the incident happened around 2:30pm. Hazmat crews had to be called out and the store was evacuated for three hours.

In addition, around a dozen other people were treated and released at the scene.

It's not clear what prompted the incident inside the store.

Police say the elderly man, who's from McCook, resisted officers but was subdued by police and eventually taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. His name is not being released and charges were pending.

The people taken to the hospital, we are told, suffered minor injuries.

Fire officials say about a gallon of bleach and a gallon of ammonia were mixed, creating chlorine gas, which is potentially dangerous.

Officials say anyone who may have been at the store and is experiencing nausea, vomiting or shortness of breath should
seek medical attention.