Tilted Kilt Opens in Lincoln

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They are known for saucy wings and sex appeal. Christine Cordray, with the corporate office, says there is much more to Tilted Kilt than beautiful women in short skirts.

"We have this fun Celtic theme with the body lyrics and the decor. Our food is awesome, we have really great TVs," Cordray said.

The grand opening was a big bang, but what the servers wear has sparked an even bigger discussion.

We asked for your opinions on Facebook.

Brice posted "The kilts are too tilted for my liking. Why can't Lincoln attract more businesses where kilts are wore in an appropriate manner?"

Wendy says "I don't see anything wrong with hooters, so I can't see me having a problem with Tilted Kilt."

With the eatery only feet away from what could be considered equally controversial Victoria Secret, Cordray isn't worried, but she isn't skirting around the issue.

"Tilted Kilt, we are PG13. Our brand is not for everyone but we have parents that come in and bring their children. A lot of these girls are in college, they're friendly, they're nice, they're intelligent. We like to say they are sexy fun and sexy classy," Cordray said.

The girls who were the uniform say they are completely comfortable. Jordan Wallen moved to Lincoln just to don the kilt.

"Everybody ends up liking if and coming back. It's a great place, a great atmosphere," Wallen said.

Courtney Leydig is a business major at UNL. She says this is the best job she's ever had.

"We get to sit down with our customers, what restaurant can you do that?" Leydig said.

Almost everything inside the pub was bought in Lincoln and all 100 employees are Lincolnites. The owner tells 10/11 his goal is to set deep roots in the Lincoln community.

Only time will tell how successful the Irish pub will be.

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