Campaign Signs Litter Yards and Right-Of-Ways After Election Day

It was Wednesday morning, The Day After. As the sun rose, the light was cast upon an abundance of illegally placed campaign signs. The Nebraska primary is over, so it’s time to remove them.

According to state law, campaign signs cannot be placed in a right of way including intersections, medians, entrance and exit ramps, on sidewalks, and in the ditches and land that make up the right of way bordering the length of each highway.

There are plenty of violations.

State law requires property owners to remove the campaign signs. In many cases, the political campaigns themselves have the potential of costing local and state governments since their illegally placed signs were placed on public property.

Complaints about the placement of campaign signs can be directed to the Nebraska Department of Roads, District Permit Technician, at 402-595-2534, extension 209.