Officials Urge Safe Driving During Rough Winter Weather Conditions

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The season's first real snow fell across much of eastern and central Nebraska Monday morning. The melting snow is leaving some roads wet and slick, so road safety experts are asking people to drive defensively, especially on bridges and when approaching curves.

"You have less stopping time, so you need to drive slower, also have more room between you and the car in front of you," said Marilyn Lechner of AAA.

Experts note that when it snows, road safety begins with clearing your front and back windshields completely.

"For one thing so you can see properly, and the other thing is so it doesn't blow into somebody else's car, so the snow isn't blowing into their windshield," Lechner explained.

Once on the road, drivers are advised to turn their headlights on and their cruise control off. AAA is also reminding people to make sure their fuel tanks are at least half-full to avoid a fuel-line freeze-up and to make sure their car batteries are in good shape.

The Nebraska Department of Roads also suggests keeping an emergency survival kit in your car, with items like food, water, blankets, first aid, tools, and salt for icy roads.

If you do get caught on icy roads, however, car experts say, "Don't panic."

"The main thing is, whenever/if they do start to slide or skid, just do not panic. Don't slam on the brakes, if the ABS does activate, just let it do its thing. That's what it's designed to do, to keep you from skidding," said DJ Wright of Midas Car Care.