Tips for a Better Grocery Shopping Trip

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LINCOLN, Neb. Some people love grocery shopping and some people hate it. If you're someone who dreads food shopping, there are ways to make the trip easier and more organized.

The BetterU participants learned those ways when they took a grocery store tour Tuesday.

Registered Dietitian Katie Bolte suggests starting in the produce section of the store then make your way around the perimeter. The perimeter offers the freshest foods.

It's also important to keep food safety in mind. Bolte recommends hitting the dairy and frozen foods section last.

Starting a list before you go to the store can also help save time and money. Bolte suggests making a continuous list of the staples that you would buy every week or every other week.

After having the staples on the first part of the list, the second part should consist of items needed for meals. Bolte recommends planning out your meals in advance.

She also suggests looking through ads to see what's on sale so you have a good idea before hitting the aisles.

Grocery shopping can seem simple, but even people can make mistakes. Bolte says one of those big mistakes is shopping while hungry.

Research shows that when people shop hungry they do put more food in their cart and it's typically unhealthy food.