Toddler Makes Full Recovery After Nearly Drowning

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LINCOLN, Ne-- Not knowing if your child is going to live is a parents worst nightmare. Unfortunately for Josh and Paula Hopping that became a reality when they saw their 3-year-old son, Ty, face-down in the pool.

"I honestly thought we lost him," said the boy's father. "To be honest I'm glad I don't think he remembers it."

The nearly tragic incident happened Monday afternoon when the Hartington couple were packing up from a day at a family members pool in the Williamsburg Park Apartment Complex.

"Worst nightmare ever," said Paul Hopping. "And with the other kids there it was total chaos they had to watch there little brother."

The couple had turned their backs on Ty for only a matter of seconds when the saw him unresponsive. Paula pulled Ty out of the pool and yelled for help. Luckily a resident of the complex happened to be at the pool and ran to her son's side to perform CPR.

"You know sometimes I just think people are in the right place at the right time," said Danielle Malchow. "And you just have to jump in and know that you do the best that you know how to do in that situation."

Malchow says little Ty was white as a ghost and his lips were blue. She continued to perform CPR until paramedics arrived and transported him to the Bryan Trauma Center at Bryan West Campus.

There, doctors chemically induced Ty into therapeutic hypothermia, a procedure that helps prevent brain damage by bringing the body temperature down by more than 10 degrees. Thankfully it worked for Ty, who is expected to make a full recovery.

"As caretakers it pulls at our heart strings too and we are always searching for new ways to save brain cells and change the outcome," said Dr. Reginald Burton, Director of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care. "With Ty it's definitely been worth while and does my heart good to be able to play ball with him this morning because we don't always get to see that."

Dr. Burton says the quick response from Malchow likely helped save the boys life, and lessen any potential damage there may have been to his brain had she not performed CPR.

"You know had she not been there we probably would have other results," said Ty's mother. "So I think God definitely had his hands in our lives."