Toddler Found Wandering with Dog on 17th and South

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A lost toddler has been reunited with her parents after wandering around Lincoln.

Police say her parents have been cited for misdemeanor child neglect.

Police say the 2-year-old girl was found just after 1 a.m. Sunday at the Sun Mart on 17th and South streets.

She had the family dog with her.

The passerby called Lincoln police to report the toddler. Captain Michon Morrow says officers tried to let the girl lead them to her home, but she couldn't. They asked her what her mother's name is and the girl said "mommy."

Officers then went to an animal hospital to see if the dog had a microchip, it didn't.

Morrow says officers combed the area looking for a home with an open door and did not find one.

The girl was taken to Nebraska Health and Human Services until the parents were located. It took officers about two hours to find the girl's home. They did so by matching the child's description to a recent child-neglect case.

Police say the parents were cited for misdemeanor child neglect.

The dog went to the Humane Society for safekeeping just before police identified the girl.

Representatives from the Capital Humane Society said the dog was picked up by the family, just a few hours later on Sunday.