Torch Run to Cody Park Raises Awareness for Special Olympics

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Today, law enforcement agencies from all over Lincoln County gathered in Maxwell for the annual torch run.

The race benefits Special Olympics Nebraska which will be held in Omaha this Thursday through Saturday.

"That’s who we’re doing this for the athletes," said Nebraska State Trooper J.J. Connelly.

Their goal is to raise 200,000 dollars to help cover travel expenses, meals and lodging for the athletes.

"Helping the athletes out, helping the Special Olympics out, it’s a good cause and it’s fun to run for that.It would be fun just to run but now we have a good cause to run for too," stated Connelly,

The race kicked off in Maxwell, at the Maxwell Public School, where those who participated ran 15 miles to Cody Park.

"We'll meet some of the Olympic athletes at Cody park in North Platte and they'll get to carry the torch for us the rest of the way in," said Connelly.

Sgt. Robert Veal says there’s only one word to explain how this event brings law enforcement agencies and the Special Olympics together.

“It builds camaraderie with the officers and the Special Olympic athletes, so yeah it’s going to take us a couple two and half hours to get to the park but it’s going to be fun." said Sgt. Nebraska State Trooper Robert Veal.

Runners and bikers were met in Cody Park by family and athletes participating in the Special Olympics.