Town Throws Olympic Watch Party for Tomasevicz

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Everywhere you look and drive in Shelby, Nebraska you can tell the town is proud of the Olympic Gold and now, Bronze medalist, Curtis Tomasevicz.

And it's not the first time the people of Shelby have thrown an Olympic watch party for their hometown Olympian.

Jeff Kuhnel, close friend of Tomasevicz said," It's unreal, we did this the last two Olympics and this is the third time and it's great."

Everyone is excited to see the boy they grew up with win the bronze.

Friends and family, even the Mayor of Shelby, say Curtis has always set an example for the town making him the right person to represent the USA.

Pat Davis, the Mayor said, "He has now taught us, leadership determination, the student has now become the teacher."

Even Kuhnel described his friend as, "Down to earth, hardworking...he's what you would want to have...the all around guy," said Kuhnel.

Curtis' mother, Amy, is excited about the big win and she gives credit to her hometown for helping to make it happen.

If it weren't for the town of Shelby and the surrounding area, he wouldn't be able to do what he has done," said Amy Tomasevicz.

Curtis' mother also told 10/11 that this is the last Winter Olympics that her son will compete in. He recently announced that he'll retire after this historic run in Sochi.

That made this final watch party that much better for the people of Shelby.