Town of Ashton Celebrates 125 Years

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ASHTON, Neb. -- People gathered in the small town of Ashton Saturday to celebrate its 125th birthday. A quilt show, bounce houses and a tractor poker run are just a few of the things that brought people together in "Nebraska's Best Little Small Town."

"Everyone's got their own little business, their own little niche and I think just everyone being so together here is what makes it work," Ashton Community Club Board Member Brian Kaslon said.

Polish Sausage is Jeff Harrington's niche, and one of Ashton's proud traditions. Maschka's Sausage Shop opened in the 1990s, and Harrington now runs his great grandpa's business. The shop is still a popular staple in the Ashton community.

"Everybody who used to live here kind of grew up on it and this was the stuff that they had when they were kids," Harrington said. "I think it kind of brings everybody back to their childhood when they used to have it here."

People from all over the state came to celebrate the small town, but it's a special milestone for the people who call Ashton home.

"Progress, I guess you want to call it," Forty-year Ashton Resident Joe Skibinski said. "We're still alive. A lot of little towns didn't make it through the rough times and slow times, and we're still here and that's why. It's just a good atmosphere that everybody worked hard to get this going and so when the people show up and appreciate it it's rewarding."

"Ashton Days" festivities continue throughout Saturday and end Sunday evening at 5:30 p.m.