Traffic Signal, Hydrant and RV Damaged by Hit and Run Driver

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- An early morning hit and run crash at 17th & Washington knocked out power to a traffic light, destroyed a fire hydrant and damaged an RV.

Just after midnight Friday morning, emergency crews were called to the intersection for a reported gasoline leak coming from a recreational vehicle following an accident.

Crews arrived to find a Mazda CRV had been left abandoned following a crash.

Police believe the SUV was traveling northbound when it left the roadway, hit and dislocated a fire hydrant, then hit and dislocated a traffic signal control box before hitting some metal sign posts and a light pole.

One of the light poles bent into a U shape and ended up against the RV, breaking one window and doing some damage to the body of the vehicle.

The SUV suffered extensive damage to the front end.

The RV appears to have been parked on the lot of Smoker's Corner Store in an attempt to sell the vehicle.

There were no immediate estimates on the amount of damage done to property in the crash.

Police are searching for the driver of the CRV. An investigation is underway.