Train vs. Semi Truck Crash in St. Mary, No One Injured

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Traffic was shut down for a few hours following a crash involving a train and a semi truck at the intersection of Hwy 41 and 3rd Street in St. Mary.

Steve Mueller, a nearby business owner, says the driver of the semi turned too wide causing the front end of the semi to get stuck in the mud and the back end to become stranded on the tracks. Mueller tried to help the driver flag down the train by flashing his headlights but there wasn't enough room for the train to avoid the crash.

"We were just doing our normal stuff. We saw a guy running across the highway. We thought it was a medical emergency. He said no he was parked on the tracks and needed a phone to call for help right away," Mueller said.

The crash caused metal rails from the semi truck to spill in the intersection. The train was quickly moved from the intersection, but officials had to use a forklift to move rails off the tracks.

Mueller says a similar incident happened a few months ago but doesn't believe it's an issue with the crossing. He says trains come through the intersection every 15 to 20 minutes and it's that increase in traffic that makes accidents more likely.