TransCanada Won't Change Mind Over Pipeline

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Don't expect TransCanada to change its mind over its proposed pipeline route through Nebraska's Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer.

TransCanada says that most likely, isn't going to happen.

On Tuesday in Norfolk, in a private law office, a handful of Nebraska lawmakers including Annette Dubas and Mike Flood met with TransCanada looking for more answers into the ongoing controversy.

"We talked about groundwater contamination and drinking water and what happens in three generations and how long does it take you (TransCanada) to get to a spill." said Flood, who is the Speaker of the Legislature.

But for all their stated concerns, anyone hoping TransCanada is just going to change its proposed pipeline route, don't count on that.

"If we were to move that pipeline any significant distance it would invalidate that federal approval and force us to go back and start all over again, that would take at least two or maybe even three more years. We think the time to move is now," said TransCanada's Alex Pourbaix after the meeting Tuesday in an impromptu press conference held outside the law office.

State Senator Annette Dubas isn't backing down from the battle. She plans on moving forward in trying to launch a special legislative session. "I don't think anybody pulled any punches from either side, we were very clear from the get-go. We pushed as hard as we could push to talk about rerouting this and they came back pretty firm with their answers," she said.

Both sides said they will continue meeting.

Time is ticking away. The US State Department is expected to make a decision on the pipeline in the near future.

Protesters outside the pipeline meeting in Norfolk Tuesday.
Protesters outside the pipeline meeting in Norfolk Tuesday.
Four state senators and two TransCanada representatives met for four hours Tuesday afternoon in Norfolk to discuss issues and share information about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Shown here (clockwise from top) are Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk, Sen. Chris Langemeier of Schuyler, Sen. Annette Dubas of Fullerton, Sen. Kate Sullivan of Cedar Rapids (back to camera), Robert Jones, a TransCanada vice president, and Alex Pourbaix, TransCanada president of energy and oil pipelines.

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