TransCanada Optimistic About Pipeline Under Obama Administration

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The Canadian company that wants to build another oil pipeline to carry crude oil to Gulf Coast refineries remains optimistic about the project after President Barack Obama won re-election.

TransCanada spokesman Shawn Howard says the company believes Obama will eventually approve the Keystone XL project once it reaches his desk next year because it will deliver oil from a friendly country.

But Howard says TransCanada is focused on finalizing the pipeline's new route through Nebraska. State regulators will hold a public hearing on it Dec. 4.

Pipeline opponent Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska says her group continues to oppose the project and plans to try to persuade Obama and Nebraska officials to reject it.

Environmental groups worry the pipeline could contaminate underground water supplies and increase air pollution around refineries.

Meanwhile, in Lincoln Wednesday afternoon, a group of several pipeline opponents, including men, women and children, gathered on the south side to take a group photo, while holding anti-pipeline signs.

The group said they will send the picture as a reminder to President Obama, so that he remembers them when his administration decides on the pipeline in the coming months.

"We felt like we needed to send him another really strong message, just so that he doesn't lose us on his radar," said Chelsea Johnson, an XL Pipeline opponent.