Transient Arrested for Attempted Murder

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A man is in custody after threatening a woman with a handgun Saturday morning.

Around 1:30 Saturday morning, police received a call from a woman at an apartment complex at 13th and E Street in Lincoln reporting that a man in her building had threatened her with a handgun.

The woman told police she came across the man who she believed did not live in the building, and asked him to leave. After a brief argument, the man pulled out a small silver handgun, pointed the gun at the woman, and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire at the woman for some unknown reason.

A few people in the building, believed to be acquaintances, grabbed the suspect from the hallway and allowed stay inside.

Police located the suspect in the apartment unit and found the fully loaded gun inside.

Atem Garang, 23, is listed as a transient and was taken into custody for second-degree murder, terroristic threats, and use of a weapon to commit a felony.