Twin Peaks Will Bring "Scenic Views" to Lincoln's Haymarket

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A new restaurant will bring Lincoln "scenic views," but they might not be the views you’re thinking of.

The restaurant, Twin Peaks, is known for its hearty comfort food, along with their “attentive and beautiful" Twin Peak girls.

The restaurant will be a part of a new Hilton Garden Inn that is under construction on 8th and Q in the Haymarket and will be housed in the historic Tool Building.

Because of the location, questions were brought to the Historical Preservation Commission in a meeting on Thursday.

“[One] question was about the outdoor seating area,” said Jim McKee, a member of the Historical Preservation Commission. “This brought up the issue of the waitresses… outdoors and visible to all the people walking around.”

The Historical Preservation Commission is in charge of protecting historical areas in Lincoln. Many of its members are discontent with Twin Peaks—saying it’s not an appropriate fit for the Haymarket.

“We all are not in favor of it.” he said. “Personally, I hope they would find another tenant.”

However, their discontent cannot prevent the restaurant from coming to Lincoln.

“I can only speak for myself. The commission cannot speak to this question. Although we would not go to that restaurant, nor appreciate it or underwrite it or speak in favor of it... as a commission, that’s not in our purview.”

As long as all activity within is legal, there’s no reason for the commission or the city to prohibit the restaurant from moving to town.

“If the public votes for its existence by going there, eating and spending money, it will exist. If they choose not to, they won't make it.”

With Lincoln often referred to as a college town, some say a restaurant with a little sex appeal may speak to a younger crowd.

“I think it would get some business downtown by the college,” said one Haymarket customer.

McKee even agrees with that aspect.

“Economics are economics; I can understand why the company came here and why the people of the building decided to lease it. They have no reason to say no to them. I think, the University of Nebraska will be the primary draw for this restaurant.”

Whether distasteful or not is subjective, but either way, the restaurant is coming to Lincoln.