Two Arrested in Weekend Burglary

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Two men have been arrested for a weekend burglary.

41-year-old David Scott and 41-year-old Christopher Wulbern were lodged in jail for burglary.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office received a report Saturday morning of stolen items from the Farmers Cooperative in Emerald, including a red 1998 Dodge Ram pickup.

Deputies later found Scott in a pickup near SW 58th and W. Bennet Rd. They found a number of stolen items, including keys to the stolen pickup.

Deputies found the stolen Dodge Ram a short time later near NW 7th and W Cornhusker Highway. LSO deputies were given consent to search a business near the area where the pickup was found. They recovered other stolen items from the co-op. That's where deputies arrested Wulbern, the owner of the business.

LSO said they are still searching for a third suspect.

Total loss is estimated at more than $3,000.