Two Horses Died Near Goehner From Sunday's Storms

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Imagine the activities you like to do around your house and part of your livelihood, if you live on a farm, is devastated in just a matter of moments. That's what happened at a farm just south of Goehner where high winds ripped through damaging most of their building on the property and killed two of their horses.

Angie Eperspacher cleaned up her farm from a destructive mother's day.

"It's devastating, heartbreaking, we farm for a living and our pivots are mangled," said Eperspacher.

Her family saw the storm coming and headed towards the basement.

"We were crying and praying. All we could say is Jesus keep up safe God protect us," said Eperspacher.

Eperspacher says her daughter's passion is showing and riding horses. Her girls put the horses in the arena to protect them from the elements but even their preparations were no match for the high winds that tore up a huge shed and horse arena.

"They thought that was a great idea...which it was a great idea but we had no idea that arena would collapse," said Eperspacher.

Two horses died and Angie's so thankful for the community who stepped up to help her family out.

"A neighbor came and took some injured horses for us to a vet in Grand Island," said Eperspacher.

Eperspacher says while it's heartbreaking to go outside and look at all the building that are destructed on her property, that all can be replaced, family cannot. She says she's thankful that all of her family members are safe and sound.