Two Lincoln Men Killed While Driving Home from Music Gig

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Logging hours behind the wheel is a way of life for musicians, but Sunday it took a deadly turn for two people in the Lincoln music scene.

With shattered windows and the roof smashed in, four men walked away from the car. Two did not.

"I started shaking him and screaming his name, like wake up, wake up Deezy," Lil Zoe, the man driving the car, said. "He didn't move."

Billy Dha Kidd, Lil Zoe and their crew turned tires in the dark from a show in Texas to get back home to Lincoln.

It's something they didn't expect to do until the following morning.

"Go to sleep for a few hours, get some rest, and then head back home," Billy Dha Kidd said.

But, this time, plans changed.

"It's a huge wake up call, a learning experience," Billy Dha Kidd said.

Lil Zoe was behind the wheel.

"I told Billy, I'm tired I don't want to drive no more," Lil Zoe said. "He said just keep going and stop at the nearest exit."

He dozed off and came to, swerving to stay on the road.

"We started rolling. I don't know how many times we rolled. Everybody said six to eight times," Lil Zoe said.

He made it. His friends didn't.

"I just want to say I'm sorry that the situation went down like this, that they couldn't come back home when we did," Lil Zoe said.

One killed was Pancho Martinez.

"That was his mentality, just take care of his family," Billy Dha Kidd said. "A real great friend. He was more than a friend. He was a brother to me."

He described the other man killed, Deezy Walker, as "just a real talented guy."

Now, they remember and recover from an accident they never saw coming.

"It's one of those things you think about but you always think it could never happen to me," Billy Dha Kidd said.