Two Nebraskans Working Behind the Scenes of Let's Make a Deal

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Wayne Brady, Jonathan Mangum, Cat Gray and Tiffany Coyne are the four people you see when you watch Let's Make a Deal. But it actually takes 125 people to make the show happen. Two of those people are from Nebraska.

Marshal Duke, a camera tech, grew up in Lincoln and Dan Falk, a contestant coordinator, went to high school in Sutton and graduated from UNL.

"The first day I was on the show I was wearing a Nebraska t-shirt and he was like 'are you from Nebraska?' and I was like 'I am!' yeah crazy," said Falk.

Falk said he always sports his Husker gear on set and is grateful his education in Nebraska helped him get into a career he loves.

"I get to see 400 insane people trying to win money in costumes everyday and it's just a lot of fun because everyone is here trying to have a good time and as you can see they're all dancing and enjoying themselves," said Falk.

Duke said he'll never forget where he came from and tries to spread Nebraska values whenever he can.

"I wave at people who cut in front of me; I let people cut in front of me when I'm driving. That's the one thing I love about being back in Nebraska is driving so nice and people are so nice back there and it rubs off and I'm not gonna lose it," said Duke.

There's no shortage of Husker football talk on set.

"Every Saturday we're working together it's like 'did you see the game?' 'Yeah i saw the game'. I always wear my t-shirts, Nebraska football all day," said Falk.