Two Proposed Bills Target Dangerous Driving Practices

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A Nebraska State senator has introduced two new bills, which he hopes will save lives.

Senator John Harms of Scottsbluff introduced the bills, which make texting while driving and not wearing your seat belt primary offenses.

Currently, they're both secondary, but the changes give law enforcement more teeth to crack down on dangerous driving habits.
Sen. Harms says, "Law enforcement has indicated if the law can be adjusted, it will make a huge difference in saving people's lives in the future."

Sen. Harms says texting behind the wheel is a problem at any age, not just with new drivers.

He says, "It's not just the young 18-year-olds. It's adults that are doing this and it's just dangerous."

But he says the proposed law will only target texting.

Other smart phone functions like email, Facebook, and Twitter will all still be legal.

These bills only adjust the current laws and Sen. Harms says if, down the road, other phone uses become a problem, then legislators can update them again.

The bills are still in their infancy and they have a long way to go before becoming law, including making it through committee and senatorial debate.