Tyson's Treasure Chest Foundation Donates Toys to Kids in Hospital

OMAHA, Neb.-- Happiness can be hard to find when your kid is stuck in a hospital room, but sometimes a new toy can quickly change that.

On Wednesday morning in Omaha, one family turned their loss into happiness for others.

Eighteen-month-old Pia Flynn has spent nearly a third of her life in the hospital and Wednesday she got a surprise.

Her father, JD Flynn said, "We heard there was a party in the lobby and Pia's been in the hospital for 6 months now, so it's rare when there's a party."

That party was put on by the Tyson's Treasure Chest Foundation and Complete Wedding and Events at Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha. It included a photo booth, music and the foundation's first donation of a handmade chest full of toys.

Liz Chambers is Chairman of Tyson's Treasure Chest Foundation and told 10/11, "All we want to do is keep giving toys and giving back to kids so that when they come in and do their chemo treatments or have surgery, they can go home with something happy.

Happy with a smile. That's s how Liz and Austin Chambers remember their son Tyson.

In 2012 Tyson had a dying wish to meet country music star Jason Aldean. His dream came true along with a trip to Disney World thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When his courageous battle with brain cancer ended in May of 2012, Liz and Austin made sure other kids would get the same joy from toys as their son did.

Austin Chambers added, "It was something that made him happy, it made him smile and those toys were able to bring him that happiness in what was our darkest hour, and so if I can do that for another family, that's what it's all about."

As little Pia waits for the good news she can go home soon, her father says it can be tough for families who are in the hospital, but seeing the Chambers' donation and help is inspiring.

Flynn said, "It's really touching to see a family know what it's like to go through cancer with a child, and want to be loving and caring for other families who are going through that."

The toy Pia picked was a Barbie doll.

Complete Wedding and Events didn't only help throw the party Wednesday morning, they also presented the Tyson's Treasure Chest Foundation with about $1,200 in checks thanks to a fundraising campaign they did in April and donations from employees.

Shawn Labadie owns Complete Weddings and Events in Lincoln and said, "Hopefully the money that we gave, it's not a lot, and I know these guys are just getting off the ground, and anything helps, so if we can fill the chest once that's fantastic."

The foundation is hoping to raise even more money for their next round of toys at its first golf scramble "2014Tee-Off for Treasures" on July 19 at HiMark Golf Course in Lincoln.