Tyson's Tour of Memorial Stadium

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His struggle to stay alive caught our attention, but it's Tyson Zimmer's passion for life that stole our hearts.

His dreams keep coming true, he's going to meet Jason Aldean in concert, take a trip to Disney World, and Tuesday night he got a big Husker surprise.

"Now I finally met the football team," Tyson said.

Tyson might be the most popular 7 year-old in the state. Tuesday night, he got a personal tour of Memorial Stadium from more than a dozen Husker football players.

"It was good just getting to meet Tyson and be able to take him around," said Rex Burkhead.

Tyson is fighting a brain tumor, but that couldn't wipe the smile off his face. 'Wow' was the most common word out of the 7 year-old's mouth as his idols showed him the stadium.

"He got to meet Taylor he's a big fan of Taylor," said Burkhead. "He got to throw a football around I hope he enjoyed it. I think he did."

"I loved seeing Taylor Martinez," said Tyson.

Tyson left the tour with a signed jersey, football, and helmet.

"Hopefully this brightened up (his day)," said Burkhead. "(It) is just a step on his journey in the next few weeks to come."

"When I grow up I might play for Nebraska," said Tyson.

There was even something in it for the players, their own "Say~Fight~Cure" bracelet in honor of Tyson.

"He's 7 and sports are his world," said Austin Chambers, Tyson's Step-dad. "He looks at these guys and they're not college athletes, they're celebrities, they're heroes. To actually get to meet those people in person is surreal and you can see that on his face."