U-Turn Lanes Cause Safety Concerns

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Lincoln, Neb.-- A busy street in the northwest part of Lincoln got some improvements that city officials hope will improve the flow of traffic. Some who drive in the area said it has become more of a hassle.

It has been about two weeks since road crews finished the two u-turn lanes between 21st and 24th Streets on Superior.

Street traffic manager, Scott Opfer told 10/11 News the road work is a way to reduce accidents and congestion in the area.

Though, those who live in the area and have larger cars said it's causing more problems rather than solve it.

"It's confusing at first," said Lincoln resident, Linda Daniel. "For me it wasn't any better. It was more scary."

Opfer said it's too soon to tell whether the u-turn lanes are effective. The city will evaluate this as time goes on. His advice for drivers who can't make the turn is to find a different route.