U-Turn Leaves Lincoln Drivers Frustrated

The intersection at Fletcher and North 1st Street, near Purple Heart Highway, can be a little confusing.

To turn left onto Fletcher, you first have to turn right, drive a couple hundred feet, do a complete U-turn, and then you're on your way.

Some drivers are sick of going through all of that in order to turn left.

Like Dustin Oakland. "It's a real hassle," he said. "Most of the time, I don't even want to take that because there's hours during the day where it's extremely busy."

Stephanie Mcalister is also unsatisfied with the current traffic route.

"I would say that it's very dangerous," she said, "especially in the morning before the sunrises. It's an awkward intersection, and I don't think it's very safe."

By design, the median prevents traffic from going directly across the road.

Some drivers say they have no problem with that.

"Well it's great because if that intersection was opened up, you would never be able to get across there," said Vern Rhoades.

The city agrees. Representatives say the way it is now, is the safest way for drivers.

"Even if we didn't have the median, with the cars stacked solid, people probably wouldn't be able to make that left turn anyway," said Assistant City Engineer, Randy Hoskins.

"The main function is to prevent accidents so it will stay as it currently is," added Hoskins.