UNL Police Warns About Sexual Assault Incident

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Lincoln, Neb. A UNL student reported that while walking on the north side of Benton Hall (1535 "U" Street) an unknown male approached her and put his arm around her shoulders and fondled her breast. UNLPD says this happened between 2:40am- 2:55am Saturday morning.

The male then went into the bushes on the north side of Benton Hall after the student pushed him away and told him she was calling the police. The male has not been located at this time.

"It's important that we notify the community of these ongoing situations for there safety," said Sgt. Jerry Plessel. "And it also helps us out that they can notify us if they see something suspicious."

University Police first mentioned the incident on twitter, Facebook, and their web site. They also gave flyers to the various sororities around campus.

Keeping the community aware of the issue is something many students appreciate.

"I think it's extremely important to do things like that," said Sophomore Taylor Brown. "Just because you hear of so many cases at Universities that people in general don't report sexual assault because of they're afraid of the repercussions of what may happen if they do."

"I feel like they've made people more aware recently with the twitter," said Sophomore Elease Greedy. "And we saw a poster yesterday talking about an incident."

Middle Eastern male
5'10" to 6'
Early 20's
Wearing a buttoned up shirt of unknown color, blue jeans and had a turban of an unknown color on his head.

UNLPD released some safety advice saying they encourage students to use the buddy system when walking at night, on or off campus. Report any suspicious behavior by calling 911 or UNLPD at (402) 472-2222.