UNL, UNK Students Stuck on I-76 in Pennsylvania

LINCOLN, Neb. -- UPDATE (6:10 PM): A few buses from the Lincoln Diocese have managed to start moving again, but there are still multiple buses with Nebraska students that are still waiting to get dug out.

A group of 80 students from UNL and UNK are stranded just outside of New Baltimore, Pennsylvania after a massive snowstorm walloped the area. Marilyn Synek tells 10/11 by phone that the students have been stranded since 9 PM last night.

Luckily, the bus they are on is running more off electricity than gas, so they've been able to run the heater, as well as other electronics on the bus to help pass the time.

The National Guard stopped by the bus and told the students to ration their food. They also gave the students some water. Students have filled up their water bottles with snow as well, so water isn't a concern.

Synek also says that they aren't sure what time they'll be able to get moving. The National Guard is trying to dig out the interstate, but are unsure when traffic will start moving again.

Synek and the group of students traveled to Washington D.C. for the March for Life, which took place Friday afternoon. The group arrived in D.C. late Thursday night, took part in the March Friday afternoon and then left as soon as the March ended. They cut their trip short by a day in order to get out ahead of the impending snow storm, but instead, got caught in the middle of it.