UNL Board of Regents Debates Funding New Ice Rink

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Putting forth $1 Million of the University of Nebraska's money for the Breslow Ice Rink was not a popular plan for some UNL Regent Board Members.

"I am really struggling with this proposal today because of the value of the total cost of an ice arena," said Board Member Jim Pillen.

Other Members stressed the need for a rink by Lincoln Hockey and Ice Skating Groups who must travel to Fremont and Ralston to train and compete.

"This would be available to our students for recreational purposes. For the other part of the time would be available for community skating," said University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman.

"The only comments that I've gotten are why are you only building one sheet of ice, we need two. The demand is so substantial," said UNL Regent Member Timothy Clare.

With the City of Lincoln providing the land and $200,000 in funds over five years for the rink, Chancellor Harvey Perlman says this partnership makes now a great time to move forward.

"I will continue to negotiate with the city but this is a really good deal for our students," said Perlman.

With an estimated cost of $800,000 a year to maintain the rink, other Board Members worry about the rink not being a sound investment in the years to come.

"If in five years it's going to fall back on the University to renovate, to modernize when a shortfall comes. To me that's a bad deal," said UNL Regent Member Kent Shroeder.