UNL Chancellor Creates Buzz on Social Media

Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are picking up “perls” of knowledge from Chancellor Harvey Perlman.

A week ago, Perlman started using his Twitter account to promote a new campaign called Harvey’s "Perls of Knowledge."

He released the first video on Monday.

”I think they're pretty funny,” said Jacob Kruse, a junior at UNL. “It's a good way for us to see Harvey's personality."

With topics ranging from a possible zombie apocalypse to Kevin Bacon, Perlman shows his sense of humor in his videos, and it has students all over campus talking.

"It makes it seem like UNL is a fun atmosphere,” said Katherine Kruse, a freshman at UNL, “which it really is, and it portrays that really well."

Students are baffled as to why the videos began, but some guess it’s a way for Perlman to relate to the student body.

The "Perls of Knowledge" campaign is supposed to promote UNL and attract students worldwide.