Leaky Toilet Forces UNL Fraternity to Move Temporarily

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Residents of a UNL Fraternity are forced to find somewhere else to stay after a leaky toilet triggers fire alarms in the building.

About 7:15 p.m. Sunday Lincoln Fire & Rescue was called for an alarm sounding at 4001 Holdrege, the Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity.

According to Lincoln Fire Inspector Chuck Schweitzer, the cause of the alarm was due to water which had leaked from a toilet on the third floor.

Fraternity Vice President Kerry Swanson said the toilet leaked a few days ago and was repaired.

Schweitzer said the water had leaked into wiring for appliances and the alarm system. There is no way to reset the alarm system.

Schweitzer said this is a safety concern. He said the potential for a fire and no one knowing until it's too late was enough of a concern to shut down the fraternity.

Schweitzer said no one is allowed to sleep at the house until the alarm system is fixed. All the house members are able to stay with family or friends and they have the ability to come back during the day to get clothes or books.

Schweitzer said it's too hard to know where the water went and what other electrical wiring may be involved. Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the University of Nebraska Police will be checking on the house to be sure no one goes back in overnight and will work with contractors to resolve the problems.

A fatal fire at a fraternity near Nebraska Wesleyan campus has caused a number of houses to implement changes to their alarm systems, including adding sprinklers.

Alpha Gamma Sigma has plans to renovate the original structure to meet new codes, according to Swanson.

Repairs are expected to begin Monday.