UNL Graduates Feel Well Trained for Career Fields

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"I've been looking forward to this day since I started school," said Graduate Jared Kallweit.

Packing the floor at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, the University of Nebraska's newest graduation class donned gowns and hats and for graduates like Jared Kallweit today was the end of a busy, stressful career.

"A lot of late nights studying, one of the best days of my life, I've tried so hard to get this degree," said Kallweit.

"It's a blast, I don't even know if it's set in yet," said graduate Eric Gronenthal.

For thousands of these now UNL Graduates, it becomes how they'll use what they've learned here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the real world.

"My agriculture classes and my soil nutrient classes are going to help me a lot, being able to write up reports for farmers and help them manage their lands," said Gronenthal.

'Helping out businesses pursue their dreams of getting tractors sold and doing ad representation," said Kallweit.

Regardless of the degree or the careers they pursue, University of Nebraska President J.B. Milliken had some final words of wisdom for these husker grads.

"Lead a life that will cause others to love you, not because you're doing something they want to do but because you're doing something you want to do and you're doing it with integrity, decency and kindness," said Milliken.