UNL Police Gear up for Fall Semester

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- As thousands of students return to campus this week, UNLPD are making sure their safety is the number one priority.

"Definitely," said Sgt. Dave Dibelka. "The traffic we have down here is starting to pick up and with a couple thousand more students moved back in here we just want to remind everybody to slow down, obey speed limits, and also just pay a little extra attention especially these first couple of weeks."

While making sure students are safe is a high priority for police officers, they're already setting the tone by keeping students in check with the law.

"We're not doing it to be mean," said Sgt. Dibelka. "It is a law and it's
something that has to be followed, just because we're in college now doesn't mean all bets are off."

Dibelka says the number of calls for service are on the rise over the past couple of weeks.

"And that's to be expected when we have a large number of people coming back to our core area at the university," he said.

Dibelka reminds students to be aware of their surroundings, especially at night. He says use the buddy system and call the police if you don't have someone to walk with and feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

He also says be sure to lock your cars and don't leave anything valuable in an open place.

You can find UNLPD on Twitter and Facebook. Dibelka says this is a good way to contact them in a non-emergency situation.