UNL Police Searching for Theft & Assault Suspect

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UNL Police issued a timely warning bulletin on Wednesday afternoon after determining certain circumstances exist that could pose a threat to members and guests of the University campus community.

Police said on Tuesday, July 1, at 5:06pm a UNL staff member found a man in an office in Ag Hall on East Campus attempting to steal her wallet. The victim confronted the suspect and attempted to prevent him from leaving. A struggle ensued and the suspect pushed the victim to the ground, taking off on a bicycle.

Police know who the suspect is and describe him as a 33-year-old Native American man, 5'9", 210 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Police are advising that purses and other items of value should be stored in a secured area at all times. Placing purses or other valuables under the desk or in a drawer isn't always enough--most thieves know these common hiding spaces. Do not leave laptop computer or handheld devices unattended in your office, at meetings, or in your car. Serial numbers for any portable electronic devices should be recorded. Always lock your doors when you leave.

If you witness anything suspicious or have any information on this or any other case, contact University Police immediately at (402) 472-2222 or in person at 300 NB. 17th Street, Lincoln, NE 68588.